Speak from the Heart

After identifying stressors, share your experiences with each other. Find out how stress has affected each of you individually and as partners in a relationship. How has stress affected your emotions and what have you done to cope with it? Are there ways of coping up with stress that have affected your relationship positively? Have you tried a certain way of coping with stress only to end up with negative effects? Are there actions that you would like you and your partner to take to reduce or cope with stress now and in the future? Talk to each other carefully and make decisions on the basis of what you think will work best for your relationship.

Be Resilient

Bouncing back from trauma, loss or tragedy among other stressors is not easy. This is what is known as psychological resilience. It is a strength that humans have at varying levels. People with higher psychological resilience levels are capable of coping with stress better. Nevertheless, it’s possible to strengthen weaker resilience. That’s because there are thoughts, actions and behaviors that can build up psychological resilience. But, strengthening psychological resilience is generally a personal journey that requires an individual to choose the approach to take depending on their lifestyle and values.

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